Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Big Free Acquarium. AKA the Fish Gallery

Like the acquarium, but not the crowds or lines? Like the fish, but not the melt down your toddler offers after you've just paid a 15 dollar entrance fee?? Can't say yes when your son wants to take NEMO HOME MOMMY!!!

Well now all these things are possible.
The fish gallery is a store. Technically. But did you know the site at Kirby and 59 is moving?? You know what that means! Yep. MOVING SALE 25% off all fish AND other sale items available.

And they are not really moving that far away, just down near fountain view.

But did you know about their
a) rows and rows of fish you've never heard of, but can get up close to
b) FREE story time and touch and show that they offer EVERY summer, every week when it's hot outside
c) that this FREE story time in the summer comes with FREE snacks (but they are goldfish crackers, so make sure the fish aren't watching!)
d) that you can buy the fish, and if your spouse can tolerate it, an acquarium as big as your king size bed!
e) that in the summer they have a coloring contest and if you win, you win an acquarium AND a fish (ok, more like a tank, but who's counting).
f) did I mention there is no admission price, you can come back if your toddler has a meltdown, and
g) at the end of the summer they have a party. Just because. with hot-dogs (no fish sticks please)

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