Friday, April 8, 2011

Speaking of superheros

A shout out to my friend Bess for introducing me to this place. I would like to introduce you.

Third planet.

That blue building on the north 59 Feeder between kirby and shephard (westbound) near the girl scouts of america building.

That blue building that you drive by all the time and never noticed. Never noticed?!! How could you not! SPIDERMAN is on the front of the building, but on the inside, indescribable. Let's just say, they have yoda. The real yoda, in the store. And there's everything superhero or star wars you can imagine. You just need to pack yourself up and go there.

UNfortunately, they don't have wall decals. That's what we were there for. BUT, don't worry, I found those superhero stick ons (so we can peel them off the wall when we move on to our next obsesssion) nearby at bedrock city comics on Westheimer and Voss.

Not just cool, but also a deal. They are having their spring sale May 13, where EVERYTHING is at least 25% off.

Both stores, in addition to half price books, have really well priced (a few quarters to a few bucks) old comic books -- great to frame for decorations in a little boy's room.


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