Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Cupcakes to get you off the couch

Karma is real. If you give me a free cupcake, I'm bound to share that with others. I recently found out that if you "like" the Sprinkles Cupcake in Highland Village they will give you a free cupcake. Not just "a" free cupcake, but a free cupcake "EVERY" day. Every day there is a secret word of the day that is disclosed to facebook fans every day. Just go in the store and say the word, and TA-DA! they just hand you a cupcake. Bring a friend, tell them the word, and you each get one. I hear every once in a while they give away their secret recipe cupcake mixes instead......sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Be a friend, get a cupcake, tell a friend, share a cupcake!/sprinkles

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