Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Story Times

Much like my park rotation strategy, I find I need to rotate FREE STORY TIMES

I regularly rotate between Bellaire Library and the Nature and Discovery Center

Bellaire's Mrs. Missy (formerly Ms. Missy, congratulations!) does a great story time Tuesdays and Wednesday 10am infants, 11am toddlers.
The last Thursday of the month she also does a late night PJ storytime. All story times include singing and dancing, of course.

The nature and discovery center has an interactive story time 4pm on Wednesdays, with nature lession, story and craft. Sometimes there is a nature tour, always there are the discovery rooms for the kids to explore upstairs. Discovery rooms have live and interactive nature teaching stations. What's better than a story and a snake petting session together!!;jsessionid=F0FD23BCC6E27606A7C6DA3606B939F9.mc0?sitePageId=119393

Recently, there's a new kid on the block. Green Scene Toys now hosts a Thursday morning story time 11am a their store. After the story, kids are free to use their enormous playroom for the remainder of the hour. You can host your playgroup in the playroom all to yourself for just a few bucks a kid, if you like what you find!!


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