Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go ahead, Buy Blockbuster

Two blockbuster stores have recently gone out of business -- the one on the corner of Woodway and Chimney Rock, and now the one on the SE corner of Braeswood and Hillcroft/Voss.

They are selling everything! The Hillcroft location closes in two weeks, and every MONDAY they slash their prices a bit more until everything is sold.

They are selling DVDs, blue rays, posters, memorabilia....

And if kids movie classics for less than 5 bucks each doesn't interest you, they sell DVD covers for 10 for a dollar. So if your kid is into Dora, Superheroes, Thomas or Woody Allen, framed DVD covers make a great bedroom or playroom decoration. Plus, when they change their mind as to what they love, you can update your decor for just 10 cents a cover!

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